Ekeko represents abundance and prosperity to the people of the vast Andes Mountain region of South America . The foundation of our name comes from our love for South American culture and the wealth of hidden treasures of that region w hich is one of the ways we recognize and celebrate the culture . Our venture to bring this richness to the rest of the world began with introducing incredible wines and spirits from Per u as well as being able to give back to people of the region.

Today, w e are proud to have expanded our portfolio outside of the region and expanding globally. We embody the spirit of the Ekeko by offering high - quality, premium wine and spirits without the premium price.

We transmit the essense of Ekeko by offering the highe st quality premium products without the premium price.

We have operations in 21 states /provinces in North America and are continuing to grow. It would be a privilege to introduce our products to your state and distribut ion company. Our dedicated team of p rofessionals, that have over 27 years of combined experience in the wine and spirits business, can work with your sales team to provide education and support starting with onboarding and compliance all the way through education and support of sales teams and training and demonstration to on and off premise locations.