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810, 2015

Demetrio Tequila and Intipalka wines delight guests at Publishers birthday bash!

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Demetrio Tequila and Intipalka delight guests at Publishers birthday bash!

THE PARTY More than 150 revelers turned out to celebrate Houston magazine publisher Peter Remington’s Big 6-0. The bash not only marked a personal milestone, but it also served as a kickoff fundraiser for the magazine’s Cheers 4 Charities nonprofit, which will have its second annual gala next month at Deborah Colton Gallery. THE SCENE Upon arrival, guests climbed the stairs to B&B Butchers’ recently opened rooftop patio, where they enjoyed skyline views and “Peter-ritas” mixed with Demetrio tequila. Bartenders also poured Intipalka Wines, while the restaurant’s kitchen doled out apps like caprese skewers, crab cakes, truffled chicken salad and mini beef Wellingtons to rave reviews. – See more at:


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2809, 2015

Intipalka wins Gold at MUNDUS VINI

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Peruvian wine (Intipalka) earns gold at 2015 MUNDUS Vini Award Germany

Hillary OjedaGermany recognizes Peruvian wine Intipalka N°1 Valle del Sol 2011.

When the Spanish began settling in South America, it was considered essential to establish vineyards. It was in Peru’s very own Ica that the first grapes were planted and from there spread to Chile and Argentina.

It comes as no surprise then, that Peru has a long tradition of wine, and today, award-winning wine.

Peruvian wine Intipalka won a gold medal at the MUNDUS Vini wine competition hosted in Germany, according to Andina news agency.

A tour of Santiago Queirolo

The Intipalka N°1 Valle del Sol 2011 of Ica is registered under the Santiago Queirolo label and is known for its Cabernet, Sauvignon, Tannat and Syrah varieties. They are stored in French barrels for a 24-month period to guarantee its flavor.

This MUNDUS award will give the Peruvian wine the chance to be offered in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, the United States, Germany and other European countries

The contest saw the participation of more than 4,300 wine brands from 40 countries. The awards Grand Gold, Gold and Silver were granted to the winners by a panel of 150 judges.

1809, 2015

Intipalka sponsors 8th annual Fresh Faces of Fashion at Tootsies

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Fresh Faces of Fashion Houston put on by Houston Modern Luxury Magazine and held at Tootsies is sponsored by refreshing Intipalka Brut and Chardonnay.

Fresh Faces of Fashion Houston is an annual event held my Modern Luxury magazine showing off new coming fashions.

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2108, 2015

Review | Intipalka Tannat

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Wine knows nothing did a great write up on one of our favorite wines: Intipalka Tannat.

In its ancestral home of Madiran in the south west  of France tannat has a reputation for an almost untamable tannic monster but here in the South”valley of the sun” its a very different story.

The winery has been family run for 3 generations and at the turn of the century invested in a major modernization program .

Well that’s the background what of the wine? well its definitely worth the wine. Deep color bags of ripe fruit aromas its in the mouth where this wine really packs a punch. A beautiful structure of well rounded tannins, lots of fruit flavors almost velvety feel and a long finish. Its a knockout!

2107, 2014

Almuerzos y Cenas Interview Jim Driscoll

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Great Interview with our CEO Jim Driscoll by Almuerzos y Cenas Magazine

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